Getting Started - Basic Information

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2020-03-02 23:38

Thanks for signing up with VosCast!

To start streaming to your VosCast server with our Auto DJ system, check out our Auto DJ guide:

Getting Started with Auto DJ 

Ready to start streaming from your computer? We have a number of tutorials available in our knowledgebase. Check them out here:

Getting Started Tutorials

Recommended Software

The following software is currently recommended for broadcasting to Icecast servers:

Windows / macOS:

  • Mixxx - Powerful DJing & broadcasting software [Free]
  • butt - butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use streaming tool [Free]
  • Audio Hijack - Record and broadcast any audio [$59 USD]
  • Virtual DJ Pro - Industry leading broadcasting software [$299 USD]   

  • iziCast - Broadcasting client for iPhone and iPad [$4.99 USD]
  • Backpack Studio - Record, mix, and master your radio show [$9.99 USD]

  • BroadcastMySelfFree Android client for Icecast/Shoutcast servers [Free]
  • Cool Mic - Open source Icecast source client [Free]
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